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RTD PRODUCTS and its affiliate, Reily Foods Company, celebrate nearly a decade of A and AA ratings from the Brand Reputation Compliance Standards (BRCGS, formerly known as British Retail Consortium or BRC) Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) audit of their manufacturing locations in Knoxville, TN; New Orleans, LA; and Malden, MA. This rating certifies Reily Foods in worldwide best practices for food and beverage manufacturing.

Water Safety: Continuous Monitoring & Testing

Water Safety: Continuous Monitoring & Testing

At our evamor plant, we not only monitor and test the artesian spring water daily, weekly and monthly, we've also created a sealed system that captures the water as it flows upward, placing it directly into high-grade, PET1 (BPA-free) bottles. When a bottle of evamor is opened, it’s the very first time that the water is exposed to air or human contact.

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New Orleans Roots with a Nationwide Reach

New Orleans Roots with a Nationwide Reach

Since 1902, Reily Foods Company has helped define American food and beverage flavors. We’re proud of our New Orleans heritage, with its rich culinary roots. It shapes the way we craft our products and the way we believe in doing business.

But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to our New Orleans area operations, we operate manufacturing facilities in Knoxville, TN, and Malden, MA. Our distribution network spans the nation, and our products are demanded by name in grocery stores and restaurants throughout the United States – with select products also available internationally.

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Our Sustainability Programs

More than a century in business has taught us to embrace innovation and change, and we're committed to supporting thriving communities and a healthy planet for generations to come. Our interdepartmental Green Team is supercharging efforts like our Sustainable Cup Project and other initiatives across all of our brands in 4 key areas: Operations Efficiency, Responsible Purchasing, Sustainable Sourcing and Giving Back.

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